Rindy Anderson
Department of Biological Sciences
Florida Atlantic University
Mailing address:
3200 College Avenue, Davie, FL 33314
Physical address:
3233 College Ave, Davie, 33314
Office: Davie West 336
Ph. 954.236.1144
Lab:  Davie West 334
Ph. 954.236.1328
Email: andersonr@FAU.edu
Twitter: @AndersonLabFAU
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We study the wonderful Bachman's sparrow at Johnathan Dickinson State Park

We study the beautiful northern cardinal in city and state parks around south Florida

Lab Happenings:

June 30, 2020:  Huge congratulations to Dr. Joe Niederhauser, first PhD student to fledge the lab! Fantastic dissertation and seminar about the behavioral ecology of Bachman's sparrow. Someone offer this guy a job!

May 2020: Congratulations to Morgan Slevin who won an Animal Behavior Society research grant and then won the whole FAU Three-Minute Thesis competition! Woo hoo!

March 2020:  Check out our new paper in General and Comparative Endocrinology! Sara Bebus, Blake Jones, Rindy Anderson: Development of the corticosterone stress response differs among passerine species


Feb 2-4 February 2020:  What a fun and stimulating visit! Rindy gave a seminar at Florida State University hosted by Blake Jones and the Emily DuVal lab! 


December 3, 2019: Rindy had a fantastic time giving a seminar at Audubon Everglades!


November 4-6 2019:  A phenomenal visit by Luke Remage-Healy! He gave a hugely attended seminar, and I made a friend for life! Thanks for a great visit Luke!

August 2019:  The lab welcomes new Biology M.S. student Charlie Daria!

A BIG DEAL:  July 30, 2019 M.S. student Paula Ziadi defended her thesis with poise and confidence, and became the *first ever* Anderson Lab graduate student to complete her degree. Congrats Paula!!! 

July 2019      Rindy gave a talk about Bachman's sparrow communication and heard many fascinating talks at the at the Behavior 2019 conference in Chicago.

March 2019      Rindy had a fantastic time visiting University of Florida's Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department to give a seminar. Thanks all for a fun and informative visit!

February 2019     Visit by Steve Nowicki and Susan Peters!  We were fortunate to spend time with Steve and Susan and hear a fantastic seminar by Steve.

January 2019    SICB!  The lab had a great meeting, with Joe and Paula giving terrific talks (Paula's first conference talk!) and Morgan getting great feedback on his poster and project ideas. 


November 2018    We had a great time hosting the 2018 Florida Ornithological Society Meeting at the FAU Davie Campus. Fantastic science, conversations, connections, and shared love of birds!


August 2018    The lab is thrilled to welcome new Ph.D. student Morgan Slevin!

April 2018   Rindy visited Tim Wright's lab at NMSU. Thanks to Tim  and his lab for a fun, exciting, informative visit!

February 2018   Congratulations to Sabah and Rindy for their paper accepted at The Auk on song and aggressive signaling in Bachman's sparrow!

February 2018   Congratulations to Joe and Rindy for their paper accepted at Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology on a test of the eavesdropping avoidance hypothesis to explain the acoustic structure of soft song in the song sparrow!

February 2018   Congratulations to Rindy and Casey for their paper published in Evolution and Human Behavior titled "Voice pitch predicts electability, but does not signal leadership ability."

November 2017 - January 2018 In November, the Anderson Lab attended the Florida Ornithological Society Conference in Gainesville, FL and in January the lab attended the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Conference in San Francisco, CA! Rindy gave a talk about Bachman's sparrow song and aggressive signaling, and Paula and Joe presented posters about their graduate work.

November 6 2017  CONGRATULATIONS to Joe Niederhauser for successfully defending his dissertation proposal!!

October 2017  CONGRATULATIONS to Joe Niederhauser and Rachel Saless for their awesome presentations at the 3 minute thesis competition. Rachel won 2nd Runner Up and Joe won 1st Runner up! Both will proceed to the championship held on October 20th. Go Rachel and Joe!!

September 2017  We hosted a very exciting visit from Ofer Tchernichovski! Rindy hosted Ofer as a Brain Institute Seminar Speaker, and he visited the lab to hear about our work. Thanks for a great visit Ofer!

CONGRATULATIONS to Paula Ziadi, who has been accepted as a Master's student at FAU and will begin her thesis work on Bachman's sparrows in August. We are thrilled to have her continue as part of the team! 

CONGRATULATIONS to our own Sabah Ali, who has been named Undergraduate Researcher of the Year for FAU College of Science!  

March 12-18 2017   Fun visit from Jodie Jawor who helped Rindy and Rachel band northern cardinals. Bitey bitey!

January 5-7 2017    Happy New Year! Rindy and Sabah represented the lab at the annual Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting in New Orleans, LA. 

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